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Integrity Payment Processing excels at creating solutions specifically for the cannabis industry.

Our team knows that the traditional, “cookie-cutter” method of processing debit and credit cards isn’t viable in the contemporary market. The field of electronic payments does not have a universally applicable solution. That’s why we understand your particular needs for payment processing and tailor the best solution for your company’s growth and success.

Debit & Credit Card Processing With Blockchain Technology

Get Business Management

At Your Fingertips

Businesses exchange value with their suppliers, clients, and other organizations daily. These exchanges, known as transactions, must be completed quickly and securely to maximize business potential and reduce cost.

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To accomplish this, many companies are using blockchain technology, like the one provided by our solution, to facilitate these important transactions.

Go Cashless with Block Chain Technology—the only system on the market that uses a closed-loop ecosystem to process credit and debit cards. We are accepting Discover, AMEX, Mastercard, and Visa.

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The closed-loop ecosystem is exclusive and secure due to our blockchain system. Our blockchain technology allows business owners to settle transactions quickly, allows instant funding, and easier cash flow management.

We give merchants complete visibility into their operational activities. The system has attributes like: 1.No Reserve 2. Account Overview with Total Balance 3. Transactions in Real Time

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4. Card Approvals, Declines, Refunds

5. ACH withdrawal (ability to review pending payments and payment notifications)

6. Push to Card

7. Account Notifications, including chargeback and holds

8. Invoices (The ability to invoice vendors)

9. Export Reporting Feature for reconciliation

Avoid Fraud & Chargebacks

We Work For You And Your Business.

Fight Chargebacks: To strengthen your case against chargebacks, you can upload any supporting documentation or files.

Fraud: We provide fraud alerts and risk monitoring to identify transactional risks in the ecosystem.

Control: You and your company are safeguarded by admin-only access to the system to make withdrawal requests.

Keep A Check On Your Payments Flow


Thanks to automated clearing house transfers, payments are made easily and without paperwork. You can send and receive payments using only a payee’s bank account and routing transit number.

Request an ACH, and within three business days, money will be deposited into your bank account. Processed funds are kept in an account that is FDIC-insured. Get your money daily, weekly, or in a daily batch after release.

Real-time Payments

Real-Time Payments, also known as immediate or instant payments, allow customers and companies to make and revive companies in real-time.

Payments are immediately settled, and funds are immediately available.

Push To Card

Debit Cards can receive instant push payments from merchants by way of their accounts, permitting direct funds disbursement instantly.

First Payment Solution

Pin Debit Only
True PIN Debit is NOT another Cashless ATM. True PIN Debit allows you to accept debit card payments just like any other business.

What is the difference between PIN Debit versus Cashless ATM? Pin Debit provides the following:

  • Exact dollar amount transactions
  • No Round Ups, No Change
  • True DBA Descriptor and Address on Customers Banking Statements
  • Dedicated MID and Direct rep customer service
  • Complete transparency with bank and processor disclosure
  • Bank Secrecy Act/Anti- Money Laundering Compliant
  • No Mis-Coding
  • Interchange Plus Pricing
  • No Setup Fee
  • Competitive Low Pricing
  • Second Payment Solution

    Retail Pin Debit and Credit Card
    In the cannabis space, accepting credit cards specifically requires a solid workaround to be able to accept these payments. Our solution/technology partner is a publicly traded company that has designed an innovative way to take card payments using blockchain technology.

    The customer checkout experience is as traditional as it gets. The customer just inserts their card chip into the card reader, the customer can tip the budtender and the transaction is complete. On the back end, when the customer inserts their card chip, the technology is automatically pulling the cardholders data and setting them up a one time ewallet in blockchain and funding their ewallet simultaneously. Once the funds are in the customers ewallet, the funds are automatically transferred from the customers ewallet to the business owners ewallet and this is all happening in seconds.

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    With this solution there is:

  • No Reserve
  • 7 day funding
  • Month to Month Contract
  • Double ticket size increase by accepting a credit card
  • No crypto currency exchange, no text to pay, no 4 digit code 2 step verification or scanning of customers photo ID’s like some of the other solutions out there
  • Quick and painless setup in as little as 3-4 business days
  • Tipping capability so your budtenders are incentivized to sell more and make more
  • Fast checkout time for your customers

    For more information on our blockchain payment solution, click Here

  • Second Payment Solution

    Third Payment Solution

    Retail and E-Commerce Debit Cards and Credit Card
  • Closed-Loop Ecosystem
  • No Yearly Fee
  • Real-Time Payment Cashouts
  • Apple Pay/Google Pay
  • Accepts Credit/Debit cards
  • Transactional Fees covered by customer for convenience
  • E-commerce Payment

    System Features


    E-commerce Credit Card Payment Solution


    Accepts Visa/ Mastercard


    Payment Support & Management Experts


    Make Smarter Pricing & Inventory Decisions, Increase Sales By Offering Digital Payments


    Sustainable Processing Platform


    API Plugin


    Recurring Monthly Subscriptions

    Our Encrypted Technology

    With our mobile terminal, you can accept credit and debit cards at your customers’ doors.


    Use your Wi-Fi wireless network.


    Multiple options get connected.


    Self-discovering WiFi networks.


    Privacy pin screen not included.

    Our Z11 mobile terminal allows standard in-store buys over the counter.


    Apple pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, and Visa payway


    Ideal for signature capture.


    Great solution for SPin integration to POS System.